The best way to start is with a Soft Roller and a Hand & Foot Treatment Kit.

Soft Roller

The MELT Method Soft Roller is the only roller developed for the techniques of the MEL... [More]

Price: $69.99
Hand & Foot Treatment Kit

The MELT Hand & Foot Treatment Kit includes everything you need to start feeling better... [More]

Price: $49.99
MELT Performance Band

The MELT Performance Band offers medium resistance that is ideal for MELT Performance, ... [More]

Price: $14.99
MELT Method Book - Paperback

In The MELT Method, Sue Hitzmann offers a breakthrough self-treatment system to combat ... [More]

Price: $18.99
Light MELT Performance Band

The Light MELT Performance Band offers a lighter resistance that is suitable for MELT ... [More]

Price: $14.99
MELT Performance HF Kit

this is the performance kit page [More]

Price: $28.95
MELT Performance Roller

The 18"" MELT Performance Roller is the only soft roller that’s the perfect size for ... [More]

Price: $39.99
Soft Half Roller

The Soft Half Roller provides the same gentle stimulation as the full roller while offe... [More]

Price: $44.99