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MELT® Method Express
Are you longing for a deep sense of calm in mind and body? The MELT Method harmonizes the body’s connective tissue system (called fascia) and the nervous system, settling both body and mind. Participants often report increased body awareness, less tension, and a sensation of fitting better in their own skin after class. MELT’s gentleness is the key to its powerful effects.  
Required Props: 1 MELT Method large soft ball and 1 MELT Method Soft Roller. (Need props?)


Tuesday & Friday

MELT® Neurostrength
Advanced Class. Harness the restorative powers of focused strength work and coordinated breathwork. MELT Neurostrength reintegrates and repatterns areas of the body that are sleeping or forgotten, either due to old injury or just the repetitive motions of daily life. Great for athletes, yogis, and anyone who wants to move more comfortably and efficiently.
Required Props: MELT Method Soft Roller and MELT Method Performance Band. (Need props?)

Tuesday and Friday 


Bring balance to your hectic week with this soothing class. We’ll practice a blend of myofascial release using the MELT® balls and rollers for 60 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of blissful restorative poses done primarily on the floor to help release the effects of daily stress. Areas where the body normally holds tension, including the neck, shoulders, and hips, will be given particular attention. Come away feeling relaxed, recharged, and renewed. This combination class is a great fit for individuals with chronic pain, injuries, or for those who simply want to enhance their sense of ease and well-being as they transition into the weekend.
Required Props: MELT Method large soft ball, MELT Method Soft Roller, bolsters, pillows, blankets, blocks, and eye pillow. (Need MELT props?)

Last Thursday of each month 

7:30-9:00 PM

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