Three Part Workshop Series

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Re-Energize the Hands, Center the Heart
Online workshop with Allison Marino and Nick Loffree

Did you know that the human heart will beat even when all of the muscles are removed? That’s because the structure of the heart is created by connective tissue, and connective tissue is both the soft-tissue scaffold of the body and the home to the majority of the free nerve endings in the body. Some say the connective tissue system is indeed the body’s sixth sense.

In this workshop series we’ll bring suppleness to the hands, soothing away inflammation and reducing the effects of common discomforts like Arthritis and Reynaud’s syndrome. We’ll center the heart with time-honored Qi Gong forms, awakening and harmonizing the fascia all around the chest, and inside the rib cage itself, all around the heart.

Connect with the truest wisdom of your body using a modern practice and an ancient one.

MELT Method firm and soft balls will be used in each of the workshops. Make sure you acquire them before the workshop series. The Performance Kit (3 different MELT balls) is the minimum required, but the Hand and Foot Kit  will also include the right materials.

Workshops will be held virtually over Zoom.

Allison Marino is a Level 4 MELT Method Instructor who has studied extensively with Sue Hitzmann, MELT’s Creator. Nick Loffree is a Qi Gong movement and health coach who is on the faculty of 1440 Multiversity. 

Your safety is my top priority. Workshops are being redesigned to comply with current social distance guidelines and/or via online live streaming.

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